Friday, October 31, 2008

"But I Went to High School with that Guy!": Happy Halloween from Bardfilm!

William Shakespeare, 1564 to 1616. To 1956. To 1960. To 1968. To 1974.
I suppose I need to apologize in advance for this post, but it is Halloween. Additionally, due to a computer crash (literally, a crash in which the computer took quite a tumble to the floor and has remained inoperable ever since), I've needed to cheer myself up.

Someone recently mentioned the latest craze (which is now well passé, I'm sure): Yearbook Yourself. If you go to that site, you can upload pictures that the site will then modify into yearbook-style pictures from a number of different years! While waiting for the computer repair FAX to go through, I tried it out (using a different computer) with William Shakespeare himself:

W.S., 1974

W.S., 1968

W.S., 1960

W.S., 1956

Links: Yearbook Yourself.

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