Friday, December 12, 2008

Mark Anthony in the Comics

Pastis, Stephen. Pearls Before Swine. 7 December 2008. 12 December 2008 {}.

While we're in a Julius Caesar mood, let's take a look at this comic (forwarded to me by a colleague).

It's something that might be called "Elizabethan Pearls before Modern Swine":

Pearls Before Swine

Just in case that embedding code goes sour again, here's the image directly:

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Anonymous said...

"Shut you fat mouf!" captures the point of "Lend me your ears," though "Pipe down and listen to me" sounds a bit more genteel. How do you quiet a raucous crowd? The plebs make the effort a couple of times by shouting "Peace, ho!" I suppose "Shut you fat mouf" might be considered a dynamic equivalent. Anyway, enjoyed the strip. A thank you to your alert colleague!

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