Friday, May 2, 2008

Actors Performing Badly on Purpose

Slings and Arrows. Dir. Peter Wellington. Perf. Martha Burns, Paul Gross, Don McKellar, Mark McKinney, Oliver Dennis, Susan Coyne, Stephen Ouimette, and Catherine Fitch. 2003-2006 (Three Seasons). DVD. Acorn Media, 2006-2007.
Really, this is about actors being directed badly. The image is from a production of Romeo and Juliet directed by Darren Nichols, the incredibly and wonderfully horrific director in Slings and Arrows. They are dressed in costumes made with iron bands and with chess pawns on their heads to indicate man’s inhumanity to man—or something. Terrifically bad idea. Marvelous.

I needed to remind myself that there are really wonderful Shakespearean usages out there. I needed to get the “I think I used one yesterday” nonsense out of my mind.

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