Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead

Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead. Dir. Ryan Denmark. Perf. Hannah Kauffmann, Jason Witter, and Mark Chavez. 2009. DVD. Third Star Films, n.d.

While we're on the subject of zombie Shakespeare (and while I'm in between stacks of essays to grade), we can talk about Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead. I got a copy at the beginning of the semester, thinking it might be useful or humorous as supplementary material in my Shakespeare and Film class. And its opening was promising. However, I'm not a fan of zombie films, and I'm afraid this one became tedious rather quickly.

For those of you who might be zomficionados, here's the opening, followed by what amounts to the balcony scene. It will give you a sense of the film, which mixes lines from Shakespeare's play with Shakespeareized lingo (e.g., "Come brush thy teeth"). Note: The clip contains some comic bloody moments (which is different than saying it contains some bloody comic moments).

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Duane Morin said...

You know, if that wasn't 95% intro music I think I might have actually liked it. I got the whole "Juliet has been speed dating" thing, and at first I thought Zombie Romeo was specifically chasing Rosaline but it looked like he too was merely looking for love. I have no idea what appendage they were supposed to be eating, but it was seriously gross.

kj said...

Thanks for the comment, Duane. No, I don't know what that appendage is, either. Whatever happened to the traditional meals for zombies? As Cassius Zombie once said, "O, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains . . . braaaains . . . BRAAAAAIINSSSSSS!

More seriously, the opening is the most promising part of the film. The rest is filled with Pseudo-Pshakespearean dialogue, and it gets really tedious really quickly.


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