Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bardfilm iPhone App?

Bardfilm. The Bardfilm iPhone App. 22 May 2012.

Has Bardfilm been spending its copious free time writing code for a new App for the iPhone?

Well, no. But I have thought of a workaround that will essentially do the same thing. The end result will be a button on your iPhone's home screen that will take you directly to Bardfilm's latest post.

First, head to Bardfilm's home page. The main page will be the best choice; that way, you will always be heading to the latest Bardfilm has to offer. If you are on a specific post instead of the main page, you'll always go to that post instead of to the latest post. Of course, if you have a particular favorite—Bardfilm's discovery of a previously-misattributed poem (for which, q.v.), for example you can use this same technique to get to that post.

But I digress.

Once Bardfilm's home page loads up, press the center icon at the bottom of the screen—it looks like a rectangle with an arrow jumping out of it and pointing to the right. That will bring up a list of options—you can mail a link to the page, send a tweet about the page, print the page, or add the page to your home screen. Choose the option that says "Add to Home Screen."

The next screen gives you a chance to name the button you're creating.  Just click "Add" and you're done.

And there you are! Bardfilm at your fingertips! Your home page will now have a button you can press to head straight to the latest post. And it's absolutely free! That just one of the ways we happen to roll.

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