Saturday, January 1, 2011

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kj. Bardfilm: The Shakespeare and Film Microblog. Web. 1 January 2011.
Welcome to the Shakespeare and Film Microblog!

Whether you spell "Bardfilm" with a space or as one word, this is the site for reading about, viewing, and talking about Shakespeare and Film. Whether it's a movie that follows the text of a Shakespeare play, a derivative version of one of Shakespeare's plots, or an allusion to Shakespeare in a television program, Bardfilm is interested in it.

When this blog started, I found the term "Microblog" to be intriguing—or, to be honest, to be usable as a cop-out: If I didn't have time or if I was just plain lazy, I could write a tiny post and say to myself, "Well, it's only a Microblog." Since then, however, the posts and the blog have grown. But the name remains, allowing the occasional cop-out.

Again, welcome to Bardfilm. And enjoy the exceptionally-brief (micro, in fact) promotional video below:

Bardfilm's Shameless Self-Promotion Video

Note: By the way, Bardfilm (one word) is the preferred spelling.

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Bardfilm is normally written as one word, though it can also be found under a search for "Bard Film Blog." Bardfilm is a Shakespeare blog (admittedly, one of many Shakespeare blogs), and it is dedicated to commentary on films (Shakespeare movies, The Shakespeare Movie, Shakespeare on television, Shakespeare at the cinema), plays, and other matter related to Shakespeare (allusions to Shakespeare in pop culture, quotes from Shakespeare in popular culture, quotations that come from Shakespeare, et cetera).

Unless otherwise indicated, quotations from Shakespeare's works are from the following edition:
Shakespeare, William. The Riverside Shakespeare. 2nd ed. Gen. ed. G. Blakemore Evans. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997.
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The very instant that I saw you did / My heart fly to your service; there resides, / To make me slave to it; and, for your sake, / Am I this patient [b]log-man.

—The Tempest