Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yet Another Shakespearean FoxTrot

Amend, Bill. "Peter's Paper." Jasotron: 2012: A FoxTrot collection. Andrews McMeel: Kansas City, 2012. 83.

Bill Amend's semi-retirement has been hard on all of us.

His weekly comic strips were delightful, providing us with joyful and profound insight into characters that we grew to love.

Fortunately, he continues to create Sunday comics, for which we all thank him. Two books of the Sunday strips have already been released. The Sunday comics don't have the same build-up and continuity that the weekly strips had, but they continue to give us windows into the life of the Fox family.

And just occasionally, they have a Shakespeare connection. When they do, I'm all over them like ink on a cartoonist's fingers. Here's the latest one I noticed (click to enlarge the image):

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