Wednesday, September 16, 2009

William Drakespeare

“Much Ado about Scrooge.” By Karen Willson and Chris Weber. Perf. Charles Adler, Victoria Carroll, Will Ryan, Russi Taylor, Alan Young, and Chuck McCann. Dir. David Block. Ducktales. Season 1, episode 18 [according to the DVD—variously listed as episode 11 or episode 23 in other sources]. Syndicated television. 14 October 1987. DVD. Disney DVD, 2005.

My attention was briefly drawn away from more serious endeavors late in the spring semester by someone mentioning a Shakespeare-related Ducktales episode. Our library had it, the wait wasn't too long, and I found time to watch it.

It isn't terribly good. The plot involves a search for the lost play—the last play—of William Drakespeare (since it's all about ducks, all the puns have to be about ducks, too). The intrepid Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews journey to an island populated with characters out of Shakespeare, all making duck-related puns.

That's about it! I'm just filling in the gaps of animated Shakespeare as I find them!

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