Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Studio 60 on the Shakespeare Strip

“The Focus Group.” By Aaron Sorkin. Perf. Matthew Perry and Sarah Paulson. Dir. Chris Misiano. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Season 1, episode 3. ABC. 1 October 2006. DVD. Warner Home Video, 2007.

I've mentioned this brief Shakespearean moment before, but I didn't provide a video clip at that point. I have just enough time to do so today.

In this clip, Sarah Paulson’s character performs a brief speech from Midsummer Night’s Dream while imitating the voice of Holly Hunter. It's from early in the show's one season; therefore, it's a good episode!

Links: The Wikipedia article on the show.

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Pablo Rago said...

Hi ! I arrived to your blog by chance, looking for a Roscoe Arbuckle's photograph. Very interesting blog. Maybe you know this animator . If not I reccomand you to look for his animated shorts.
Regards from Buenos Aires.


Pablo Rago said...

Reccomend. Sorry for my english...

kj said...

Oh, yes! Hamilton Mattress is a joy and a delight!

Thanks for your kind comments.


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