Friday, May 3, 2024

Shakespeare in FoxTrot's Who's Up For Some Bonding?

Amend, Bill. Who's Up For Some Bonding?. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel, 2003.

Today's FoxTrot Friday is pretty sparse. I was only able to find one Shakespeare-related comic in the entire Who's Up For Some Bonding? volume. 

It's also a bit of a stretch to make it fit.

It's a bit like the way these introductory paragraphs need to stretch a bit so that the layout of the post isn't as awkward as it otherwise might be.

Our comic today centers on Paige. Evidently, she's still working on the Macbeth paper she was worried about in Your Momma Thinks Square Roots Are Vegetables (for which, q.v.).

Yes, all right. "big English Paper" doesn't necessarily mean "Macbeth paper," but it's not impossible—or even highly improbable—that it is a Macbeth paper.

In a coincidence that seems very Shakespearean, Peter's "Big history paper" is actually about Richard III.

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