Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Briefly Back to the Brain

“Melancholy Brain.” By Gordon Bressack and Patrick M. Verrone. Perf. Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulse. Dir. Charles Visser. Pinky and the Brain. Vol. 3, disc 2. The WB Television Network. 7 February 1998. DVD. Warner Home Video, 2007.

“Melancholy Brain” is, in part, a retelling of the old joke about the lady who went to see Hamlet. When she was asked how she liked it, she replied, “Well, I didn’t. It was full of quotations!”

But it’s also, above all, to its own self being true. [Please note the intentional self-reflexivity of modifying a Hamlet quote to suit my own purposes.] My kids’ favorite part is this exchange:
Pinkey: How do you spell “King”?

Brain: B - R - A - I - N.
It’s all about taking over the world (as are so many things).

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