Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Tiniest Possible Reference to Shakespeare in Outside Providence

Outside Providence. Dir. Michael Corrente. Perf. Shawn Hatosy, Amy Smart, George Wendt, and Alec Baldwin. 1999. DVD. Miramax, 2000.

And sometimes you get a lot less than you think.

I was under the impression that this film was something of a Hamlet derivative. Although I expected it to have relatively minimal associations with Shakespeare's play, I thought there would be something.

"After all," I thought, "there's that whole thing about the fall of a sparrow and providence and Hamlet is sent to an island (admittedly not a Rhode one, but still)."

Wikipedia describes this film as "a 1999 American teen stoner comedy." So I probably should have known better.

Here's all there is:

Yes, that's it. When asked to name his favorite author, our main character (who has been sent to a boarding school because of his constant drug use) says the name on the first book he sees:  Hamlet. And he suffers the consequences. Yes, I am that patient [b]log man.

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