Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bond Revisited

Bond: A Taiwan BangZi Opera Adaptation of The Merchant of Venice. Dir. Po-Shen Lu. Perf. Hai-ling Wang, Mei-li Chu, Chien-hua Liu, and Ya-ling Hsiao. Adapted by Ching-Hsi Perng and Fang Chen. Shakespeare Association of America. Bellevue, Washintgon. 7 April 2011.
Update: With significant amounts of computer jiggery-pokery, I was able to get the DVD of Bond that I bought to work. The DVD reveals that some of the elements that were cut from Shakespeare's text for the live performance I saw were not cut from a lengthier version of which this DVD is the recording. For example, at least one more suitor is included in the longer performance.

I was also able to extract part of the Shylock analogue's song about the basic humanity of the Saracens. That, more than anything, will give you a taste of the production:

That voice—and the voices of the others in the production—is simply amazing. It's so sharp that you can cut yourself on it if you're not careful.

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