Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Romeo and Juliet: The Rock Opera

Rockin' Romeo and Juliet. Dir. David McGaw. Oto Brezina, Stephen Burr, and Tristan Creeley. 2006. Chockablock Productions, 2006.
A theme of obscure and odd Romeo and Juliet-related material seems to be inadvertently developing. To follow that trend a bit further, I'll draw our collective attention to the trailer for a weird (not "Wëird Sisters" weird—just weird weird) film titled Rockin' Romeo and Juliet.

In it, the rock bank OGGI (or a rock band played by OGGI—it's not made clear) is "Transported through time to rock with Shakespeare."

It looks pretty bad, and the announcer on the trailer below sounds like he's embarrassed by what he's saying—he really doesn't sell the film at all!

Links: The Film at IMDB.


Elizabeth R said...

I don't usually think of Romeo & Juliet as "filled with fun and laughter" *eyebrow raise*.

kj said...


Have you considered that you might be mis-reading the play?


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