Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let the Buzz Begin!

Hamlet 2. Dir. Andrew Fleming. Screenplay by Pam Brady and Andrew Fleming. Perf. Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, David Arquette, and Elisabeth Shue. Focus, 22 August 2008.
This has nothing to do with Writer’s Block Wine. It’s the opening of Hamlet 2 in one week’s time!

Apple’s blog points us to a trailer and mentions that Steve Coogan will be at the SoHo Apple store to discuss the film.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the film for a long time (as you can see here and here), even though the trailer seems a bit too slapsticky. Perhaps that’s just to garner a wider audience. Or maybe it reflects the reality of the film. I’ll let you know after I see it!

Links: Trailer.   Official site.

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