Monday, October 21, 2013

A Shakespearean Wager on the Globe . . . I mean World . . . Series

Author: To Be Determined. Title: To Be Determined. Date: 24 October 2013 at the earliest; 31 October 2013 at the latest.  

Update: The Wager is Paid Off.

Careful readers of Bardfilm will already know that its author is fanatical about The St. Louis Baseball Cardinals (cf., for example, this post comparing Merchant of Venice and the 2011 World Series).

Careful readers of Shakespeare Geek will know that its author hails from Boston and is rabidly in favor of the Red Sox.

And that brings us to the current wager between the two blogs. In the interest of making the Series just a little bit more interesting, we've agreed to the following: The supporter of the losing team will have to write an original sonnet in praise of the winner's team and post it on his blog.

I'm not searching particularly hard for words that rhyme with "beans," "wicked good," or "fake beard," but I'm eager to supply rhymes for "Yaddi," "Wacha," and "Arch."  When you're ready for them, Shakespeare Geek, just ask!

Bonus Material:  The First Stanza of a Sonnet Combining the Glories of the Two Teams.
My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the Sox.
The Cards wear red that makes her lip’s red thin.
If Sox be red, why then her socks are chalk.
If beards be wires, black wires grow on her chin.

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kj said...

Updates from the morning of 30 October 2013:

—Other Cardinal fans are taking comfort in Shakespearean Sonnets as they wait for Game Six to begin:

—I've found a Shakespeare quote that offers a bit of advice to Kolten Wong, and I offer it sincerely, without rancor, blame, or anger:

"You have scarce time to steal" (King Henry VIII, III.ii).

—I've developed a few lines commenting on the impediment call (or, as MLB seems to call it, the "obstruction call") that ended Game Three:

Let me not to the runner on third base
Admit impediment. Runs must be runs,
Though altercation may fill up the place.
Lay down your bats, and let the game be done.

—I'd be foolish not to track down my rhyming dictionary at this point, but Hope is a lover's staff, and I shall walk hence with that. Go Cards!

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